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Why membership?

TVO has formed partnerships with various generous donors, and businesses throughout Texas. These generous donors are offering their time, and resources to Veterans. It is our duty to verify that the people we say are Veterans do meet the eligibility requirements set forth by federal law. Due to many cases of stolen valor,  only verified Veterans will be eligible to participate in our events that are labeled as Veteran Events.

Membership Levels

Due to our wide variety of events, we have structured our membership to where we have public events, and Veteran events. The membership levels aid members by letting them know what events are available to participate in. In some of our high demand Veteran events we have had to establish a lottery system. This system allows each verified Veteran member the choice to utilize their accumulated point total to have more entries into the lottery for that event.

Members Lottery System

Each verified Veteran earns points for attending both public and Veteran events. They can also earn points by hosting events, or volunteering their time on behalf of Texas Veterans Outdoors in their community. These points can be utilized at the Veterans discretion for multiple entries into the drawings that take place for our high demand Veteran Events.

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