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Jenni Watson

US Navy



Military Occupation:

I was an engine mechanic, I also got to work on the propeller systems.

War Campaigns:

Operation Enduring Freedom

What do you like to do in the outdoors?

Way to many things to name, can I just say all of it?  Life is way to short to stay inside the house.

What is the most important thing you took away from the military?

I would have to say that the military has taught me a lot about patience, authority and above all, respect. It wasn't always fun or exciting, but I was always learning. I actually reference the military often when referring to why I am the way that I am today. I absolutely love the sense of patriotism that I gained from serving and I would give the shirt off my back for anyone. The military is definitely not for everyone, but I'm glad God decided to send me. 

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