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TVO Member receives Big Star Up and Comer 2017 Award!

TVO member Shane Watson (USN) was awarded the Big Star Up and Comer of the Year award for 2017. This award is presented by Star 97 and The Bull 103 at the Twisted Oar on Eagle Mountain Lake.

It wasn't but just a few years ago when Shane informed his chain of command of his decision to leave the Navy and pursue his goals of being a Country Music Artist. He caught allot of flack, and little to no support on his decision, but he stuck to his guns and has been grinding it out for his dreams. He's made many of us former Blackhawks proud for believing in himself and continuing the hard work.

Bravo Zulu Shipmate as they say in the Navy, and Full Speed Ahead for an Album of the Year award in 2018, and an Artist of the Year award in 2019!

You can find Shane on iTunes, Spotify, and on tour by clicking here.

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